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Law Web Success Web site.  Virtually everything that is needed to achieve area of practice Web success is available on this page.  Included are:Domain namesWeb designWeb consultingSearch engine optimizationSearch engine submissionsOne Year Free Web hostingOur Web kits are customized to your law firm’s needs.  Content can also be developed if desired.What is the value of a top-20, high-quality Web site?  Our experience has been it can result in additional income of $100,000 per year for an established personal injury law firm.  Please see our Search Engine Rankings Calculator to compute your potential.  How can you determine if a search engine optimization (SEO) company can achieve the rankings they promise?  See Web site.A high-quality domain should be descriptive of your areas of practice.  It is desirable to combine words that are easy to remember.  The default for domain name suffixes is dot com (.com.)  A high-quality dot com domain denotes Web savvy and longevity.Numerous immigration law firm 17 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London W1S 1HT are adding multiple area of practice domain names.  In the article,Should I Have More Than One Domain Name for My Law Firm, legal profession consultants Jerry Lawson, Brenda Howard and Dennis Kennedy agree that, “with multiple domain names, you can get a branding effect, enhance search engine placement, attract a target audience, show expertise and commitment to specific practice areas, and show that you are web savvy.”Benefits include:Higher search engine rankings as a result of the area of practice key words having higher relevancy (percentage to total.)  If clients can’t find you, they can’t request your services.  Top 15 search engine rankings can translate to significant revenue.  Search engine optimization professionals often charge several thousand dollars for their services.   Search engine optimization is built into this package;Visitors to the site will see the firm’s area of practice focus as opposed to seeing a general practice site.  For example, the domain names, and are more meaningful and reassuring to potential personal injury clients than a domain that contains a lengthy list of attorney names;Listings in directories will be descriptive and often less expensive since you do not have to purchase additional explanatory text;The domain name can be retained as your partners’ names change.  Many firms are choosing more generic names such as,,, etc.;Although you may have a primary domain name, additional area of practice domains can be pointed to your firm’s main Web site.  This technique can draw “word” or “phrase” searchers to a firm’s main site.  It also provides easy to remember, descriptive domain names.  For example, if a Web searcher types or into the browser address bar, the searcher could be redirected to the personal injury firm’s main site;Several search engines give higher ranking priority to domain names that their software can read.  Note that a Google search for personal injury lawyers or medical malpractice lawyers brings up several domain names that contain the key words personal injury lawyers and medical malpractice lawyers.  Search engines can easily read a domain name with a dash such as;High quality, dot com (.com) domain names are prestigious, denote longevity and are in short supply.  They are an investment that should continue to rise in value.Available domain names include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (example design),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  and 400+ others.We also provide “branding kits.” For example, a personal injury firm could obtain, or (if desired) and add kits such as the attys set. Atty names include,,,,,,, (or,,,,,,,,,, and  Non-PI names include,,,,,, and We also have, nyattys,,, and others.Several Web draft design examples are linked at the top of this page.  The final Web product will be a high-quality collaboration between and the law firm.Package ContentsDomain Names by – choose from our Domain List or ask us to search for additional names;Consulting by’s president Dale Tincher.  Dale is a nationally recognizedWeb consultant, designer and speaker;Web design;Top 15 Search Engine Rankings;Premium Listings for one year in more than 20 applicable directoriessuch as P-I-lawyers, Major Accident, Lawyer Profiles and others.Links To Additional Explanations and ResourcesWeb Promotion – http://www.promotewebs.comLaw Web Marketing –’s Search Engine Rankings – Design – http://www.consultwebs.comDesign Examples – PortfolioDomain and Intellectual Property Issues – http://www.iplawus.comPricingPricing depends upon the extent of the services which include, but are not limited to: the value of the the Web design and domain name(s) chosen and the search engine results desired.  Prices, which include one year’s hosting, typically range from three thousand to thirty thousand dollars.  Our clients obtain a significant amount of their business directly from the Internet.  Their investment is often quickly recovered through one or two new Internet derived cases.Client References –  Three of our more than twenty-five client references are listed below.R. Bruce Phillips, Esq., The Phillips Law Firm PLLC, San Antonio, Texas, I want to thank you Dale, and your fine staff at Consultwebs, for your outstanding work in developing our web site. In merely ten weeks, your firm diligently created various drafts of a design; developed the final draft into an attractive, professional, and functional web site; launched the site; and optimized it so that The Phillips Law Firm PLLC already ranks in the top 10 in Google for my target areas of practice. In fact, we already are receiving web inquiries! And this is just the beginning. You and your team are pleasant to work with and are quick to answer my questions, requests, and suggestions. You taught me how to edit my web site text using FrontPage. Your web expertise for law firms and your “support after the sale” are second to none. The tips and FAQ’s on your web site are educational and great time-savers. In summary, you and your team have proven to be trustworthy, responsive, uniquely skilled, and utterly professional. I enjoy working with you, and I look forward to a long relationship.Howard Kurtz, Partner, Kurtz and Blum , Attorneys at Law, Raleigh, North Carolina. “You have been very helpful. You have performed and are continuing to perform very valuable services for our firm. Our search engine rankings have improved dramatically as a result of your hard work. Not surprisingly, we have started to see a great increase in Web hits. The bottom line is that you’ve proven your worth.”David Chapman, Esq. Partner, American Liberty Law, Fargo, North Dakota.  “I wish to express my pleasure with how well the Web site design process has gone. Within three weeks, I went from not having a Web site to a site that is very attractive and functional. The first design drafts you sent were awesome. You guys really did a terrific job! You have been organized, accessible, responsive and helpful with items such as hosting, e-mail questions, domain issues and search engine advice. I appreciate that you were proactive on issues rather than waiting for me to ask questions. Your knowledge of law firm Web design has been very helpful. Additionally, I am pleased that I can now maintain my site using FrontPage. Once again, I cannot tell you how good the experience of dealing with your company has been. The prompt service and the skill have more than exceeded what I could ever have expected.”Contact contact Information: 919-272-8052, Fax 800-515-3549, E-mail Dale Tincher  Address: 9913 Gralyn Rd., Raleigh, NC  27613.  DirectionsPersonal Injury Attorney Links by StateAlabama | Arkansas | Arizona | California | Colorado | Connecticut | DC Washington | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Iowa | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Massachusetts | Maryland | Maine | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | Mississippi | Montana |North Carolina | North Dakota | Nebraska | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | Nevada | New York |  Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Virginia | Vermont | Washington | Wisconsin | West Virginia | Wyoming | Canada | International