Immigration Lawyers Represent Private and Corporate Clients

Immigration Law Office of Albin J. Czarnik represents private individuals and corporations in many areas of immigration law. The services range from obtaining temporary visas to deportation defense. Furthermore, we handle adjustment of status matters based on family and employment grounds.

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Unparalleled Attention to Details by Our Immigration Attorneys is Our Strength

Whether you need to get a EB-5 Investor Green Card, become a US citizen or apply for a political asylum, our immigration lawyers will guide you through the immigration rules and regulations.

Before corporations hire foreign nationals, our immigration lawyers will advice them on crucial legal points. We will ensure that employers comply with I-9 and E-verify rules to avoid any possible penalties.

Our Immigration Attorneys Work Relentlessly to Give Our Clients the Best Advise Possible

Our goal is to evaluate each individual case based on its merits. Then we strive to outline each matter in realistic terms to all our clients. Also, we advice our clients on how to proceed in each case and narrow down possible outcomes of the cases. Finally, we are  interested in our clients' perception of their situations because we need to understand whether we can conform to their expectations.  Once we devise a plan for our clients, we execute that plan thoroughly. Most noteworthy, we always communicate new changes to our clients in a timely fashion.

Our Immigration Attorneys Help Clients in Reverse Immigration Matters

The newest addition to our immigration practice is the "Reverse Immigration." It is a concept employed by a second and third generation Americans. Pursuant to that concept, US citizens immigrate back to the countries of their ancestors. The reverse immigration is currently on the rise and it poses its own challenges. Due to the fact that it incorporates laws of foreign countries a collaboration with foreign immigration lawyers is necessary. Hence, we work collectively with foreign immigration lawyers and consulates in the US to help our clients in realization of their goals.

Good Immigration Lawyers Know When to Litigate and When to Look for Other Solutions

Our immigration lawyers have litigation experience is State and Federal courts and they are willing to share their knowledge with our clients. Considering an unpredictability of litigation and taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of each case, our immigration lawyers advocate for the best interest of our clients.

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